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Drawing for me is a process of working with the most direct means possible, mixed media on paper.  Responding to something real - from nature - is what sparks my imagination.  Drawing expresses the emotion that connects me with nature.

My inspiration has been from the underappreciated and unnoticed objects in the natural world, which resonate with my awareness of all that is unnoticed in the human world, an aesthetic of the marginalized perspectives that are hidden in society and the realm of art.

This series of drawings began with a few rubbings of the beautiful flat seedpods of Australian Poinciana trees.  From these initial traces, the imagery grows more complex, tactile, and suggestive as they evolve.  This approach yields abstract compositions that suggest a variety of natural forms, aerial views of rugged topography, close-ups and some of worlds of their own.  Each drawing is unique and rich with intricare, abstract detail that can be appreciated at close range.  Close inspection also reveals that, although they're predominantly monochromatic, they  all contain touches of color.

These drawings stand as an organically based latter-day extension of abstract expressionism.  This visual language of drawing is how I share my thoughts and how I see.